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In addition to be able to supply custom built illusions, any one of a large stock of illusion is available for hire for shows, corporate events, film, television and pantomime productions. If you need to saw someone in half or make a managing director appear you will find the prop here.

All illusions come with performance rights (there are no unauthorised copies). Most illusions come with shipping crates or ATA flight cases. Over 40 major stage illusions available including productions, vanishes, levitations and sawings!! This is not a full list and new illusions are being added all the time, so please get in touch to discuss your needs


Servais Le Roy's levitation and midair vanish of an assistant

Super X
Suspension system ideal for promo photos with performer floating an assistant in mid air.

 Yogano Chair Levitation
Bring up a lady from the audience and have her sit on the chair. In a few moments she floats right up into the air.

Chair Suspension

Broomstick Illusion/Suspension

Scot performing on the Land of Make Believe video

Fan Levitation
Assistant levitates on a column of air and smoke. Built for German fan company EBM Zeihl to celebrate the opening of their new European Distribution Centre.


Slim-line Sawing (Owens Version)
The sawing in half is synonymous with stage illusion. This is the Classic Thin version. As featured on the BBC's Money Programme, The Slammer and CNN’s Quest.

Picture of the Owens Sawing in Half
Picture of Scott performing the Wakeling Sawing Through

Alan Wakeling Sawing in Half Regarded as one of the best "sawing" illusions available

ert Harbin Bow Saw
The sawing in half of a member of the audience. superior to the Electric Sawing Thru version.


Elevator Illusion

Magic Elevator Illusion
Ideal for the production of CEOs, presenters and even a Father Christmas.  Full performance rights purchased from creator.

Fire Cage
Appearance of a person from a flaming cage! Cage built entirely from aluminium

Picture of the Fire Cage illusion

Costume Trunk Illusion
Production of an assistant from an antique looking Steamer Trunk

Blammo Box
Instant transpormation of a feather boa into a beautiful assistant

Shadow Box
Shadow of an assistant appears before their actual appearance



Shadow Theatre
(by Jim Steinmeyer )
Vanish or appearance of a girl in a cabinet with her a silhouette folded down origami style. Can also be used as a production. As used on Channel Four's Dirty Tricks .

Picture of the Shadow Theatre illusion

De Kolta Chair
Assistant momentarily covered by a cloth, only to disappear a second later


The Zig Zag Lady

Robert Harbin’s greatest creation whereby the assistant is cut into three pieces and the middle section is slid across to one side

Sphinx Disembodied Head Table
A real living human disembodied head resides in a box on a table yet it can talk!

Picture of the Mangle of Doom illusion

Mangle Box of Doom
Created for the West End of production of Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens . Custom built by MatF/X Construction.

Deluxe KJ Snow Animator

Built under licence to KJ Imagination Unlimited, Las Vegas.  Comes with a air of snow machines.  As used on The Last Night at the Proms.

Impaled Illusion
The penetration/execution of assistant on a gleaming chrome sword.  Built by David Mendoza’s MagicCraft
Mini Cube-Zag
The puzzle box illusion that can be performed under almost any conditions
Cube Zag Illusion
Through the Eye of a Needle (also known as The Barricaded Barrels). Comes with polished oak barrels on chrome trucks.
  Lester Lake Guillotine
Rolls-Royce of audience Head Chopper systems.  Pictured here with Mylene Klass in the illusion on the All Star Talent Show.

Monster Guillotine
Nine foot high French guillotine that simulates the assistant’s head falling off.  Just like the one used by Alice Cooper.  This prop is the feature of the Magicians Movie.

Disembodied Princess (Girl without a Middle)
The vanish of the assistant’s midriff.

Picture of levitation in the London EyePicture of Scott performing the Cube Zag illusion
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