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Scott has created numerous magic effects and ilusions for film, television and theatre. Drawing on his wealth of knowledge and experience, Scott can create effects that are custon designed and built to specifically suit the clients needs

Credits include -

Cirque du Soleil – Kooza – Creative/Magic consultant for Cirque du Soleil, the world’s largest live entertainment company.  Design/create illusions and magical effects for Kooza the new touring show.  The show tours the world for fifteen years.  Effects include appearance and disappearance of characters and quick change costume sequences.

Woody Allen

Scoop - Magic Consultant for a Woody Allen's movie "Scoop" due for release in summer 2006. Designed and taught illusions and magic to Mr Allen for the opening sequence.
Death Defying Acts – Screenplay consultant to Houdini movie starring Guy Pearce and Catherine Zeta Jones.  Magic consultant and tutor to Mr Pearce and Miss Zeta Jones. Death Defying Acts
Magicians Poster

The Magicians Movie – Illusion builder, magic consultant and actor in the Universal Pictures movie featuring TV stars Mitchell and Webb.


Comic Relief – Performance of a sawing in half illusion on Paul O’Grady on BBC TV

Jonathan Creek - Magical Consultant for BBC1 series. Jonathan Creek title picture
All star talent show The All Star Talent Show – Series consultant and illusion hire – co-ordinated training of three celebrities.

Objective Productions – Consultant and builder for the Channel Four Christmas and Easter magic TV specials (The Magic of Jesus and Tricks from the Bible)

Dracula - Illusion and special effects designer/builder for the stage production of Dracula which went on a six month tour of UK theatres.  Effects include Dracula vanishing in a cloud of smoke, a cremation illusion, impalement, a beheading and appearances and disappearances in coffins. Dracula Poster
Picture of Edward Norton -The Illusionist The Illusionist - Magic Consultant for Hollywood film "The Illusionist" starring Edward Norton - general release date pending.
Dirty Tricks banner
Dirty Tricks - Magic Consultant for Dirty Tricks, a Friday night TV magic series, aired on Channel Four in Autumn. 2005. Roles include the design and build of six illusions and a considerable number of smaller magical effects
Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens - Design/build magic and illusions for the West End Musical "Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens". Main illusion was the Magic Mangle of Doom, whereby a girl is flattened in a magic mangle and the flattened image is placed into a blunderbuss and fired across the stage (blasting confetti across the auditorium!).she then makes her immediate reappearance on the stage. Picture of the Magic Mangle of Doom

The Slammer – Guest appearance with the Sawing in a Lady in Half illusion for the top rated BBC children’s show


The New Paul O’Grady Show – Magic consultant – supply of levitation system to float Paul O’Grady


Aladdin – Two productions of Aladdin (Richmond and Woking) for First Family Entertainment.  Supply of illusions and smaller magic tricks for Abanazar.

Max Magic - Magical Consultant and Writer for Sky One's six part series.
Hot Fuzz

Hot Fuzz – Magic advisor for the 2007 movie.


CNN InternationalQuest –Performer/Magic/illusion consultant to documentary and magic tutor to Richard Quest.

Quest for magic

History of Magic - Series Consultant and performer for the BBC TV's six part documentary entitled "The History of Magic".  In addition, this involved the design, build and performance of a number of magical effects and illusions (including the original Selbit Sawing a Lady in Two, Stodare's Sphinx and Maskelyne/Kellar Princess of Karnac Levitation).

Virgin Atlantic - The disappearance and reproduction of a singer before an audience of 30,000 people at the Virgin Atlantic sponsored Crop Over Concert in Barbados .

Undercover Magic - Magic Consultant for Sky One's series.

Help - Magic Consultant for BBC TV's "Help" with Paul Whitehouse.


De la Warr Pavilion - Built and designed an interactive illusion exhibit for the Variety exhibition at the De la Warr Pavilion. The exhibit among various things made a spectator's hand vanish before their eyes.


Freaky - Writer/consultant for Freaky, an eight-part half hour magic series for E4. Due to be aired in Spring 2006.



Tate Britain - Magic and illusion consultant for a Late Tate exhibition at The Tate Britain

Time - Performer and advisor for "Time", a documentary/science show for BBC2.
The Money Programme - BBC TV - Design, create and perform links for documentary including the Sawing a Lady in Half



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